JIBREEL KHAZAN(Fomerly Ezell Blair Jr.)

Jibreel Khazan is one of the original four who took part in the Woolworth sit-ins. Born Ezell Blair Jr., in Greensboro NC, he graduated from Dudley High School, where his father was a teacher, and received a B.S. in sociology from North Carolina A&T State University in 1963. While a student at A&T, Khazan was president of the junior class, the student government association, the campus NAACP and the Greensboro Congress for Racial Equality. He attended law school at Howard University for almost a year. After finding it nearly impossible to find a job in Greensboro because of his reputation as being one of those four troublemakers, he moved to New Bedford, MA in 1965. New Bedford has a special place in his heart because it was where Frederick Douglas escaped to freedom, and indeed while the video crew was in New Bedford we went to see the Frederick Douglas House. In 1968, he became a member of the New England Islamic Center and took on his present name.

Khazan works with developmentally disabled people for the CETA program in New Bedford, Mass. He also has worked with the AFL/CIO Trade Council in Boston and the Opportunities Industrialization Center and at the Rodman Job Corps Center. He is married to the former Lorraine France George of New Bedford. They have three children, one of whom graduated from A&T.



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